Claus Fesel, Director of Corporate Communciations DATEV eG

“ComMUSICation is a captivating book which endorses the significance and potential of music and sound in brand communications. By using convincing examples and case histories, Groves demonstrates how sound and music can be used to convey brand signals and anchor them deep in the minds of consumers. Furthermore he gives the reader an insight into his proven system for the development of Brand Sound Identities. A must-read for all marketing and brand managers.”

Oliver Schulz, Director of Marketing Communications, EnBW AG

“John Groves’s new book “Commusication” sets the benchmark in sound branding and has the potential of becoming the standard work. As I have had the pleasure of working together with John (on our sound branding project for EnBW,) reading the book was a good refresher for me. It not only covers all the basics of sound branding, but it provides everything one needs to know about the topic – just like a checklist. But most importantly – the book is not boring! You don´t find just pure theory but also interesting and funny anecdotes together with personal experiences and memories. This makes this highly informative book very easy to read, while being really amusing and entertaining. And last but not least: I personally can confirm, that John and his team are capable of transferring the written concepts into effective and inspiring sounds!”

Mathias Hevert, Managing Director Hevert-Arzneimittel

“The book Commusication successfully creates awareness for the power of sound in branding. John Groves takes the reader on an entertaining journey through sound and sound communication strategies.”

Helmut Zerlett, composer and musician (e.g. bandleader “Harald Schmidt Show”)

“After reading just a few lines of a book, I will decide if I’m going to continue reading it or let it be. John’s entertaining style of writing grabs you from page one and makes it easy not only for experts to immerse yourself into the psycholgy of music….”

Heino Hilbig, CEO, Mayflower Concepts
former Head of Corporate Marketing, Olympus Europa Holding

“Having mentally taken the first step – which was accepting the fact that our ears play just as big a role in brand building as our eyes do (as Nokia and T-Mobile are proving a million times every day) – the case that John Groves makes for Sound Branding soon becomes a no-brainer. The book also makes it clear that we, the marketers, have to ask ourselves a potentially embarrassing question: how is it possible to have overlooked such a vital part of our responsibilities for such a long time?
Groves nimbly invites the reader to convince himself of the significance of sound and music for marketing, before he plausibly demonstrates what it takes to develop one’s own Brand Sound Identity. Those of us who have ever tried to verbally describe taste or a colour, will be pleasantly surprised how easily and playfully the author manages to plant sounds in the reader’s head.
ComMUSICation is not a Do-It-Yourself book. On the contrary, it shows the importance of working with an expert to develop a real holistic brand sound identity, as opposed to just the usual musical ending for the next TV spot! What’s more, it soon becomes clear that musicians are not automatically Sound Branding experts, just as artists aren’t automatically good advertisers.
Nevertheless, ComMUSICation provides a number of good arguments that can be used when dealing with branding budgets – or for when fighting with agency creatives about the last three seconds of the TV commercial.
All in all, John Groves’ book provides a good introduction to the subject of Sound Branding. However, before we can learn how to use sound properly, we must learn to listen – firstly to ourselves and what we tell our clients. Whereas these days, most of us are quite fit in visual branding – when it comes to the sound of a brand, we’ve still got quite a way to go!”

Konstantin Jacoby, founder Springer&Jacoby Advertising Agency

“In todays tight budgets, music is often just an after thought. John proves in his book that it makes good sense to put it a bit higher up on the list.”

Chris Smith, Composer, The Barbershop Music Company
Vice President of FFACE, the Federation of Film & Audiovisual Composers of Europe

“John Groves’ ComMUSICation draws on his extensive experience and internationally acknowledged expertise as both a composer of music for advertising and as apioneering advocate of the power of sound and music to promote brand identity and define brand personality.
The book successfully demystifies what for many marketing professionals is an arcane and thorny subject, and demostrates that it is possible to objectify and define the impact and effect of music and sound in brand development – and, as importantly, Groves’ bespoke method by which this can be achieved.
Insightful, informative and engagingly written, ComMUSICation is an important contribution to the world of Sound Branding and multi-sensory marketing.”

Ina Pohl, TUI Consulting & Services GmbH
Senior Manager Corporate Branding / Brand Communication
Group Marketing TUI Travel bei TUI Consulting & Services GmbH

TUI has been working with Sound Branding for quite some time now, which means I am very much aware of the significance of brand sounds for a holistic Corporate Identity. I was personally interested in reading the book, as I wanted to go deeper into the topic. From the beginning to the end, ComMUSICation is page-turner that examines the subject from different angles. John Groves conveys the potential of Sound Branding with a lot of humour and a twinkle in his eye. The reader will learn interesting facts regarding the impact of music and about John Groves’ personal career. Moreover, John Groves presents his own system for the strategic development of a Sound Identity: away from just relying on intuition, and more towards a scientific process. All in all, a very recommendable read.

Prof. Dr. Karsten Kilian, brand expert and professor of economics

“A book worth-reading by Germany’s leading Sound Branding expert John Groves, who not only presents his own approach very clearly but also comprehensively examines the origin and the future of music and sound.” >>> see “ “My favourite books” by Karsten Kilian”